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Partner - Talk of the Island (2005-2008)


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Our assessment of the results of the action is that it was an experience, and lessons were learned about the difficulty in doing projects with the professionals in the Cyprus media. It was mostly negative on the GC side due to the unusually high resistance from the Union of Cypriot journalists and the strong language and actions they employed when objecting to our efforts.

The TC side was negative as well, but in a more disappointing way. We had good experiences of being aided by two experienced and respected media professionals and high media exposure of the project. However, the negative result was that most media professionals did not carry through on their promises to participate and subsequently, we were not able to carry out a successful conference.

- Politis
- Phileleftheros
- Haravgi
- Afrika
- Halkın Sesi
- Havadis
- Kıbrıs
- Kıbrıslı
- Star Kıbrıs
- Vatan
- Yeni Düzen
- Cyprus Observer
- Cyprus Today
- Londra Gazete
- Londra olay Gazetesi
- Londra Toplum Postası
- Ortam
- Yeni Çağ
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Αρχίππου, Φιλήμονος και Ονησίμου
Υπογράφεται η συνθήκη του Λονδίνου, με την οποία καθορίζεται η αυτονομία της Ελλάδος.
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