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Partner - Talk of the Island (2005-2008)


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The project "New Media Landscape Now!" was a natural follow-up from the previous media related projects.


The original aims of the “New Media Landscape Now!” project were:

  • Organize two follow-up, closed-door conferences (to the media co-lab that transpired in December 2008) with a total of 24 journalists – 12 from each side of the island. They will work together to finalize a vision of a future media landscape in Cyprus and to develop an action plan with steps towards a feasible transformation of the existing media landscape.
  • Put together a set of guidelines sharing good practices and potential steps towards a new media world, to be disseminated among the main stakeholders related to media on both sides.
  • Facilitate structured dialogue with the following aims:
  1. Provide the opportunity to prominent journalists and experts in Cyprus to produce a shared, clear and strong vision for an ideal media landscape. The envisioned ideal situation will hopefully serve as a magnet to mobilize a chain of actions that will facilitate positive transformation.
  2. Diagnose and explore the action items/tools revealing in the current Cypriot media landscape.


For the reasons that are documented in the Section “Learnings”, the conference did not happen. Therefore the project was mainly focused on the organization of the structured dialogue.


The co-laboratory was framed as:

  • New Media Landscape Now! - Defining the problématique

A bi-communal group of seven Greek (GC) and twelve Turkish Cypriot (TC) stakeholders were engaged for eight hours on December 3 & 5, 2007 at the Classic Hotel in Nicosia, Cyprus in a disciplined dialogue focusing on the following triggering question:


     What factors inhibit the development and practice of effective journalistic ethics in Cyprus?


Note: Readers interested in the process of the disciplined dialogue employed in the co-laboratory approach we employ can and should visit


The total expenditures between the 1st of September,the  2007 and the 15th of  March 2008 of about $10,000 were kindly covered by HasNa Inc.


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