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Young Journalists Training Program (2002-2003)

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Talk of the Island (2005-2008)

Partner - Talk of the Island (2005-2008)


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Five Turkish Cypriot and five Greek Cypriot young journalists were chosen to participate in the project. Their


Greek Cypriots

Turkish Cypriots

Nicos Prokommenos

Salih Iram

Synthia Pavlou

Övgü Ince

Marios Ignatiou

Özge Sever

Michalis Ashikas

Aysu Basr

Alexandra Constantinou



Over a couple of weeks visiting Washington, DC they had the opportunity to participate in well-organized trainings that focused on journalistic ethics, objectivity in reporting and analyzing information and modern methods of journalism. They also had the opportunity to visit the various libraries where they could perform some research and improve their English language skills. Most training was organized in collaboration with the National Public Radio ( Upon returning to the island, they collaborated for almost a year. Some of them advanced in their careers and hold important positions from where they are able to promote rapprochement. Most of them became friends for life.

- Politis
- Phileleftheros
- Haravgi
- Afrika
- Halkın Sesi
- Havadis
- Kıbrıs
- Kıbrıslı
- Star Kıbrıs
- Vatan
- Yeni Düzen
- Cyprus Observer
- Cyprus Today
- Londra Gazete
- Londra olay Gazetesi
- Londra Toplum Postası
- Ortam
- Yeni Çağ
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