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About Us
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Talk of the Island is the first bicommunal radio station on the island of Cyprus. It promotes a culture of peace and displays balanced news reporting by informing all island communities about local issues and events that are not typically covered by the current media. The show also provides a forum for open, island-wide dialogue and direct communication about on-going non-political issues. Talk of the Island aspires to be instrumental in providing a vehicle for all Cypriots who share a vision for the future and that of a unified Cyprus.
- Politis
- Phileleftheros
- Haravgi
- Afrika
- Halkın Sesi
- Havadis
- Kıbrıs
- Kıbrıslı
- Star Kıbrıs
- Vatan
- Yeni Düzen
- Cyprus Observer
- Cyprus Today
- Londra Gazete
- Londra olay Gazetesi
- Londra Toplum Postası
- Ortam
- Yeni Çağ
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