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Accessible User Interfaces

For many people with disabilities accessibility of information and communication technology systems is determined by whether they can easily operate the user interface. In recent years there have been dramatic changes in user interface design particularly for mobile and hand-held devices. In some cases this has meant that a previously accessible device is no longer accessible.

A roadmap is being developed to produce:

  • Clear proposals on what technologies need to be supported. E.g. Eye tracking, Voice/gesture reckoning, Wearable devices, Smart displays, etc.
  • Clear inputs on what methodologies have to be investigated. E.g.. Adaptive UI design, Accessibility evaluation guidelines (for devices, services and applications)
  • Clear contributions on what kind of tools should be developed. E.g.. Automatic accessibility verification/design tools, Accessible User Interface Description Languages, etc.

The Cardiac team would welcome your contribution to the development of a roadmap on research on accessible user interfaces.

An Introduction to the Key Issues Relating to Accessible User Interfaces

How to contribute to the roadmap for user interface research priorities

Seminar on Priorities for Standardisation of Accessible User Interfaces

Accessible User Interfaces: Priorities for Research   PDF version

Accessible User Interfaces: Priorities for Research Text version in HTML