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Research Line 9: Design and development methodologies and tools

Inclusive human-computer interaction requires methodologies and tools that facilitate the design of a) effective Assistive Technology-based user interfaces able to provide access to mainstream devices and services, and b) accessible user interfaces for mainstream devices and services, that may be handled by means of Assistive Technology devices.

Most of the companies developing Assistive ICT products or services are small companies. Due to the multi-disciplinary character of Assistive Technology development and the strict technical and legal requirements for such products, it is especially hard for small companies to take care of everything. The availability of effective instruments for product development would significantly improve their ability to focus on innovation. Available technical solutions (including SW modules, technical descriptions, guidelines, technical know-how) developed and provided by accessibility experts make it easier for companies, who have no special expertise in accessibility, to achieve accessibility of their products or services.

Researchers and developers of Assistive ICT or mainstream ICT need to get easy access to well elaborated and well-described technical instruments that facilitate the realisation of Assistive or accessible ICT products and services. These instruments may comprise e.g. methods, procedures, modules of software or hardware, technical descriptions, guidelines, standards, development/test tools and environments, technical experiences and evaluations.

Research Actions
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Research Actions contained in Research Line 9