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Research Line 8: Role of end users and their needs

ICT provides great chances to develop assistive devices and services/applications for people with activity limitations and elderly people if their needs are known and respected. The ‘accessibility’ of a product or service is not a feature in its own. Instead, it can be regarded in relation to the person who wants to use the product/service, to her intentions, capabilities and her assistive tools etc., and the conditions, environment and circumstances under which the persons uses the product/service.

The needs of people with activity limitations for technical (ICT) means, e.g. tools, devices, software, or services, that help to overcome barriers must become well known and respected in Assistive ICT industries. End-users with activity limitations shall be enabled to take actively part in technology transfer processes. The accessibility needs of end-users must also become well known and respected in mainstream ICT industries.

Research Actions
Research Line 8 contains four Research Actions. The image below presents the mapping (position) of the Research Actions in the overall Roadmap. 
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Research Actions contained in Research Line 8