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Research Line 14: Market, service delivery and public procurement

Although market, business issues, and service delivery are not regarded as being part of the technology transfer process itself, they have significant influence on technology transfer which is often guided by commercial considerations. A strong market demand for “accessibility of ICT products” or for “Accessible ICT products” as well as for new and innovative “Assistive ICT products and services” can stimulate and direct technology transfer and finally contributes to the financing of technology transfer.

The improved accessibility of ICT products and significant innovation in Assistive ICT products can stimulate the market by addressing and reaching a greater number of potential customers. At the moment, the market for Assistive ICT in Europe is rather a local than a global one. It is highly fragmented. Service delivery models vary significantly between the EU member states. Often, different models are applied in parallel in a state. – This is even more true for countries outside the EU, especially developing countries.

Research Actions
Research Line 14 contains seven Research Actions. The image below presents the mapping (position) of the Research Actions in the overall Roadmap. 
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Research Actions contained in Research Line 14