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Research Line 10: Test and evaluation methodologies and tools

While the methodologies for accessibility testing and evaluation of Web sites are almost up-to-date, this is not true for methods and tools for general accessibility and usability testing and evaluation of assistive and mainstream ICT.

The Web is the most used ICT application. In addition, is one of the environments where accessibility requirements are better known? The availability of accessibility guidelines proved to be extremely helpful for designers and web accessibility evaluators. Accessibility guidelines also allowed the creation of automatic accessibility evaluation methods and tools. A similar set of clear and unambiguous accessibility and usability guidelines would help to advance in accessible HCI evaluation. In addition, this experience can be used to benefit the development of similar tools for the automatic evaluation of non-Web application interfaces and services. Since these tools are mostly based on finding barrier patterns in mark-up languages (such as HTLM), the definition of suitable User Interface Description Languages seem to be a good option to advance in this field.

Research Actions
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Research Actions contained in Research Line 10