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Research Line 1: Human Factors Studies

The progress to full accessibility, usability and usefulness of network applications requires a design centred on the user, taking into account human diversity and avoiding all types of barriers that affect users with permanent or occasional limitations of activity due to cognitive, sensory or physical restrictions or occasional limitations of activity due to contextual factors. 

Knowledge about user abilities, needs, requirements and preferences and the way technology is used by them in the different contexts is a fundamental support to the design of accessible interactions and usable and useful services and applications. Studies about the impact of emerging interactions, services and applications on eInclusion and the resulting possible exclusion are urgent. Side effects, such as impact over safety and privacy cannot be neglected either.

In addition, the causes of success/failure and acceptance/rejection of Assistive Technology must be studied.

Research Actions
Research Line 1 contains 6 Research Actions. The image below presents the mapping (position) of the Research Actions in the overall Roadmap. 
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Research Actions in Research Line 1