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Roadmap Overview

The generation of the CARDIAC  Research Agenda Roadmap, the Research Lines that compose it and the placing of the individual Research Actions contained in every Research Line is based on the results of the three SDDP meetings and on the opinions of external experts.

The road-mapping process can be graphically summarised as a pyramid. Road-mapping process schemeAt the foot of the pyramid are the three areas or strands of research taken up by the project: technology transfer, inclusive Human-Computer-Interaction and network-based services. The rationale behind the selection of each of these areas, along with all the background information is included at this level. The next level up contains the  Research Actions with their clarifications as given during the SDDPs or as described by external experts. The next level up contains the Research Lines which can be represented in detailed tables or graphically represented with links to their research actions and the top level represents the overall research agenda roadmap in accessible and assistive ICT. 

The process has been both top down, from the point of view of the vision and generation of the overall roadmap as well as the regrouping of the research actions but also bottom up from the point of view of the collection and structuring of the research actions into influence trees which have strongly influenced the logical ordering of the research actions.

For additional details about the process followed and to access all  information gathered through the three SDDPs and the consultation conducted with experts, please refer to the background documents available.

The CARDIAC Roadmap is made up of 14 research Lines, each consisting of specific Research Actions. Click on a Research Line for additional information about the Research Actions it contains. Alternatively, you can navigate through the Roadmap by using the Research Lines illustration at the end of this page. Detailed information and a thorough analysis regarding theCARDIAC Roadmap, the results achieved by the project as well case studies that have been carried out to validate the roadmap results, please download Deliverable D5.4 (Final project Report).  

This roadmap illustration should be interpreted as a logical roadmap with time flowing from left to right. However, no definitive time scale is fixed to the graphical representation (i.e. short, medium and long term). To avoid over-cluttering the roadmap and rendering it unreadable, the focus here should be on the Research Lines. The Research Lines are identified through their number and colour scheme, followed throughout the roadmap. Their placing against the timescale is not definite, however they can be roughly categorized as containing short, medium and long term actions.

Resaarch Lines map
Arrow pointing from left to right
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The following illustration provides the indictive positioning of Research Actions in the overall CARDIAC roadmap. 

Full illustration of the CARDIAC Roadmap showing the positioning of research actions and research lines

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