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Publications and Reports

This section contains titles of publications (with links where available) relating to determining priorities for research on accessibility of information and communication technology systems and services .


Accessibility (general)

Gill J M   Priorities for Technological Research for Visually Impaired People.  Visual Impairment Research, ISSN 1388-235X, Vol 7, Nos 2-3, August-December 2005, pp 59-62.


Inclusive Human-Machine Interaction

Jacko J J & Stephanidis C Human-Computer Interaction: Theory and Practice.


Network-based Applications

Next Generation Services for Older and Disabled People. OFCOM, September 2010.
Broadband Solutions for Consumers with Disabilities. Australian Communication Consumer Action Network, February 2010.


Smart Living

Proceedings of Smart Living: The Way Forward for Older and Disabled People.


Technology Transfer

Delivering on the 'D' in R&D: Recommendations for Increasing Transfer Outcomes from Developmental Projects
Convergence of assistive devices and mainstream products: Keys to university participation in research, development and commercialization
Bauer S M Demand Pull Technology Transfer Applied to the Field of Assistive Technology. The Journal of Technology Transfer, Vol 28, Nos 3-4.
Stone V I Systematic Technology Transfer: A Case Study in Assistive Technology. The Journal of Technology Transfer, Vol 28, Nos 3-4.
Proceedings of the AAATE Meeting on Assistive Technology - Technology Transfer