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Interfaces projects

Interfaces projects are listed below in alphabetical order by project name.

Adaptive Asynchronous Brain-Actuated Control

Analogue Evolutionary Brain Computer Interfaces

An Ambulatory BCI-driven Tremor Suppression System Based on Functional Electrical Stimulation

An Evolvable Computer Interface for Elderly Users

An Investigation of Multimodal Interaction with Tactile Displays

Assistive Technology Rapid Integration and Construction Set

BCI's with Rapid Automated Interfaces for Nonexperts

Brain Computer Interface for Cursor Control

Communication by Gaze Interaction

DIADEM - Delivering Inclusive Access for Disabled and Elderly Members of the Community

A Dynamic Tactile Interface for Visually Impaired and Blind People


Gentle User Interfaces for Disabled and Elderly Citizens

Haptic, Audio and Visual Interfaces for Maps and Location-based Services

Innovations in Intelligent Assistive Robotics

Intelligent Pre- and Post-Processing Algorithms for Autonomous Multiclass Brain-Computer Interfaces

Interfaces for Relations between Environment and People with Disabilities

Intuitive Interaction for Everyone with Home Appliances Based on Industry Standards

Making Small Visual Displays Accessible to People with Vision Loss

Mainstreaming Accessibility Through Synergistic User Modelling and Adaptability

Mind Controlled Orthosis and Virtual Reality Training Environment for Walk Empowering

Smart and Aware Pervasive Healthcare Environments


Tools for Brain-Computer Interaction

Universal Design in Mulitmodal Interfaces