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Index of Project Acronyms and Titles

The word 'acronym' is used loosely to include both official acronyms as well as short names for projects.

AABAC Adaptive Asynchronous Brain-Actuated Control
AALIANCE European Ambient Assisted Living Innovation Alliance
ACCESSIBLE Accessibility Assessment Simulation Environment for New Applications Design and Development
ACCESSIBLE Accessible Applications Design and Development
ACCESSIBLE LOCATION Accessible Location Information Delivered via GPS Cell Phone for People with Visual Impairments
ACCESS2ALL Access to All
AEBCI Analogue Evolutionary Brain Computer Interfaces
AEGIS Open Accessibility Everywhere: Groundwork, Infrastructure, Standards
AGENT-DYSL Accommodative Intelligent Educational Environments for Dyslexic Learners
ALADIN Ambient Lighting Assistance for an Ageing Population
AQUARIAMS Universal Design of Tactile Exhibits with Touch Activated Descriptive Audio for Aquariums
ASK-IT Ambient Intelligence System of Agents for Knowledge-Based and Integrated Services for Mobility Impaired Users
ASTERICS Assistive Technology Rapid Integration and Construction Set
ATCOMMANDS AT Commands for Assistive Mobile Device Interfaces
AUNT SUE Accessibility & User Needs in Transport for Sustainable Urban Environments
AUTO BCI Intelligent Pre- and Post-Processing Algorithms for Autonomous Multiclass Brain-Computer Interfaces
BAND Permanently-Embossed Band Tactile Displays
BCICC Brain Computer Interface for Cursor Control
BENTOWEB Benchmarking Tools and Methods for the Web
BRAID Bridging Research in Ageing and ICT Development
BRAILLE RADIO The Captioned Braille Radio Initiative: Providing Emergency Information for Individuals who are Deaf-Blind
BRAIN BCI's with Rapid Automated Interfaces for Nonexperts
BRAINABLE Autonomy and Social Inclusion Through Mixed Reality Barin-computer Interfaces
CAALYX Complete Ambient Assisting Living Experiment
CAPSIL International Support of a Common Awareness and Knowledge Platform for Studying and Enabling Independent Living
CARDIAC Coordination Action in R&D in Accessible ICT
CASBLIP Cognitive Aid System for Blind People
CITYNETMOBIL City Network for Fair Mobility
COGAIN Communication by Gaze Interaction
COGKNOW Helping People with Mild Dementia Navigate their Day
COMMONWELL Common Platform Services for Ageing Well in Europe
COMPANIONABLE Integrated Cognitive Assistive and Domotic Companion Robotic Systems for Ability and Security
CONFIDENCE Ubiquitous Care System to Support Independent Living
DFA Design for All for eInclusion
DIADEM Delivering Inclusive Access for Disabled and Elderly Members of the Community
DICOMP-S Digital Competence Screenreader Network
DIGIKRANT Digikrant: Accessible Flemish Daily Newspapers
DIGITAL ECONOMY An Inclusive Digital Economy Supporting Older and Disabled People and Other Digitally Disenfranchised Groups
DIGITAL SIGNS Development of a Digital Sign System for Indoor Wayfinding by the Visually Impaired
DIGITALTV DEV Digital TV Development Project
DISTANCE Distance Assistance System
DREAMING Elderly Friendly Alarm Handling and Monitoring
DTV4ALL Digital Television for All
DYNAMIC A Dynamic Tactile Interface for Visually Impaired and Blind People
EABILITIES A Virtual Platform to Enhance and Organise the Coordination Among Centres for Accessibility Resources and Support
EASTIN Cross-lingual and Multi-modal Search in a Portal for Support of Assisted Living
EASYLINE Low Cost Advanced White Goods for a Longer Independent Life of Elderly People
EIAO European Internet Accessibility Observatory
ELDERGAMES Development of High Therapeutic Value IST-based Games for Monitoring and Improving the Quality of Life of Elderly People
EMERGENCY ALERTS Access to Emergency Alerts for People with Disabilities
ENABLE A Wearable System Supporting Services to Enable Elderly People to Live Well, Independently and at Ease
ENABLED Enhanced Network Accessibility for the Blind and Visually Impaired
EPAL Extending Professional Active Life
ESANGATHAN Collaborative Working Environment for Ageing Workforce
EU4ALL European Unified Approach for Accessible Lifelong Learning
EVALUATION Comparative Evaluation of Assistive Technology Devices and Software for Visually Impaired Persons
EVOLVABLE An Evolvable Computer Interface for Elderly Users
FACE Face Recognition for the Blind
FLORENCE Multi-Purpose Mobile Robot for Ambient Assisted Living
FUNCTIONALITY The Functionality of Route Information for Visually Impaired and Blind People
FUNDAMENTAL Fundamental Issues in Wayfinding Technologies
FUTURE BNCI Future Directions in Brain/Neuronal Computer Interaction Research
GLUCOSE METER Talking Blood Glucose Meter With Full Accessibility for Blind, Visually and Cognitively Impaired
GUIDE General User Interface for Disorders of Execution
GUIDE Gentle User Interfaces for Disabled and Elderly Citizens
HAH Hearing at Home
HANDS Helping Autism-diagnosed Young People Navigate and Develop Socially
HANDSIGHT Handsight: Mobile Services for Low Vision
HANDWRITING Teaching Handwriting to Persons who are Blind and Developing a Handwriting Accessory
HAPPY AGEING A Home Based Approach to the Years of Ageing
HAPTIMAP Haptic, Audio and Visual Interfaces for Maps and Location-based Services
HEARCOM Hearing in the Communication Society
HEARSAY Content-Driven Techniques for Non-Visual Web Access
HERMES Cognitive Care and Guidance for Active Ageing
HSH Health Monitoring and Social Integration Environment for Supporting Wide Extension for Independent Life at Home
ICARE The iCare Ambient Interactive Shopping Environment
ICTFORALL The Social Impacts of ICT and Their Limited Reach to Potentially Excluded Communities. Measuring the Problem and Undertaking Initiatives for its Effective Mitigation
IDCAC Inclusive Design for Competitive Advantage
IIAR Innovations in Intelligent Assistive Robotics
IMPACT Improving Access to Text
INCLUSO Social Software for Inclusion of Marginalised Young People
INDOOR MAGNETIC Indoor Magnetic Wayfinding for the Visually Impaired
INDOOR-OUTDOOR Indoor/Outdoor Blind Navigation and Awareness System for Blind Students
INHOME An Intelligent Iteractive Services Environment for Assisted Living at Home
INFLIGHT Making In-Flight Communications and Entertainment Accessible
INREDIS Interfaces for Relations between Environment and People with Disabilities
INTELLIGENTKB Intelligent Keyboard
INTERSECTIONS Blind Pedestrians' Access to Complex Intersections
ISISEMD Intelligent System for Independent Living and Self-care of Seniors with Cognitive Problems or Mild Dementia
I2HOME Intuitive Interaction for Everyone with Home Appliances Based on Industry Standards
KSERA Knowledgable Service Robots for Ageing
LLM Long Lasting Memories
MAPPED Mobilisation and Accessibility Planning for People with Disabilities
MEDIATE Methodology for Describing the Accessibility of Transport in Europe
MICROMACHINED Micromachined Braille Reader
MINDWALKER Mind Controlled Orthosis and Virtual Reality Training Environment for Walk Empowering
MOBISERV An Integrated Intelligent Home Environment for the Provision of Health, Nutrition and Mobility Services to the Elderly
MONAMI Mainstreaming on Ambient Intelligence
MPOWER Middleware Platform for Empowering Cognitive Disabled and Elderly
MULTIMODAL An Investigation of Multimodal Interaction with Tactile Displays
MULTIMODAL Multimodal Internet Access
MUNDUS Multimodal Neuroprostesis for Daily Upper Limb Support
MYUI Mainstreaming Accessibility Through Synergistic User Modelling and Adaptability
NETCARITY A Networked Multi-sensor System for Elderly People: Health Care, Safety and Security in Home Environment
OASIS Open Architecture for Accessible Services Integration and Standardisation
ON SCREEN INFO Access to Locally Televised On-Screen Information
PAIS Personal Audio Information Service
PERSONA Perceptive Spaces Promoting Independent Ageing
PROXIMITY TEXTILE Proximity Sensing Textile as a Wearable Aid to Orientation and Mobility for Individuals with Visual Impairment
PUBTRANS4ALL Public Transportation - Accessibility for All
REACH 112 Responding to All Citizens Needing Help
REMOTE Remote Health and Social Care for Independent Living of Isolated Elderly with Chronic Conditions
RIAM Reciprocal Interoperability between the Accessible and Mobile Webs
SAPHE Smart and Aware Pervasive Healthcare Environments
SASWAT Single Structured Accessibility Stream for Web 2.0 Access Technologies
SEESTAR A Mobile PDA Phone-based Assistance System for Visually Impaired Users
SENIOR Social Ethical and Privacy Needs in ICT for Older People: A Dialogue Roadmap
SENSACTION Sensing and Action to Support Mobility in Ambient Assisted Living
SENSOR Exploring the World with a Ray of Light: An Environmental Sensor for the Blind
SHAkE 2 TALK "Shake2Talk": Multimodal Messaging for Interpersonal Communication
SHARE-IT Supported Human Autonomy for Recovery and Enhancement of Cognitive and Motor Abilities Using Information Technologies
SMART Study on Monitoring eAccessibility in Europe
SMILING Self Mobility Improvement in the Elderly by Counteracting Falls
SOCIABLE Motivating Platform for Elderly Networking, Mental Reinforcement and Social Interaction
SOPRANO Service Oriented Programmable Smart Environments for Older Europeans
SRS Multi-Role Shadow Robotic System for Independent Living
SVD Making Small Visual Displays Accessible to People with Vision Loss
TACTILE MAP Tactile Mapping Software for Blind and Visually Impaired Navigation and Science Education
TENUTA Tenuta: Simplified Guidance for Usability and Accessibility
TEXTGEO Using Textual Descriptions to Improve Access to Geo-Referenced Statistical Data
TOBI Tools for Brain-Computer Interaction
TREMOR An Ambulatory BCI-driven Tremor Suppression System Based on Functional Electrical Stimulation
T-SENIORITY Expanding the Benefits of Information Society to Older People Through Digital TV Channels
TYFLOS Tyflos-Reader - A Document Reader for the Visually Impaired
UNIMOD Universal Design in Mulitmodal Interfaces
UNIVERSAAL Universal Open Platform and Reference Specification for Ambient Assisted Living
UNIVERSAL RAIL Universal Access to Passenger Rail
UNIVERSAL TEXT Universal Text Recognition: A Wayfinding Tool for People with Visual Impairments
USEM USer EMpowerment in Standardisation
VUPHONICS The Vuphonics System
VAALID Accessibility and Usability Validation Framework for AAL Interaction Design Process
VERITAS Virtual and Augmented Environments and Realistic User Interactions to Achieve Embedded Accessibility Designs
VICON Virtual User Concept for Supporting Inclusive Design of Consumer Products and User Interfaces
VITAL Vital Assistance for the Elderly
WAI-AGE Web Accessibility Initiative: Ageing Education and Harmonisation
WAYFINDING LABELS Wayfinding for the Blind & Visually Impaired Using Passive Environmental Labels
WEARABLE AUDIO A System for Wearable Audio Navigation Integrating Advanced Localization and Auditory Display
WEBENABLED MAPS Web-Enabled Creation and Distribution of Audio-Tactile Maps for Use in Orientation and Mobility Training
WEBLAB Web Accessibility Laboratory