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Roadmap of Future Research on Network-based Services

What research actions should be supported to exploit emerging network infrastructures and services to facilitate eInclusion?

Telecommunication services for access to information and interpersonal communication are becoming an integral and important part of human activities. Therefore it is important to discuss their accessibility, usability and usefulness. Are the offered functionalities really necessary and sufficient to grant access for all citizens to relevant information and interpersonal communication? Moreover, can they be used, when necessary, to support people in their everyday activities, for example favouring independent living, socialisation, leisure and so on?

Services and implementations can be considered from the perspective of functionalities to be made available in the environment, according to widely available international documents dealing with societal changes connected to technological development. Potential users can be virtually observed while carrying out normal activities in the house or other environments through the development of simple living scenarios. Even if the environments and the activities are very general in nature, users observed in the environments are people with sensorial and motor activity limitations that could impede their access to information and interpersonal communication. This is due to the fact the people with activity limitations often stress the potential limits of technology forcing solutions that result to be useful for all. Moreover, the design for all approach is based on the introduction of the needs, requirements and preferences of all users in the design specification of technology. Therefore these must be carefully elicited.

The SDDP exercise is meant to point out and prioritize research and development activities that are deemed necessary by a multidisciplinary group of experts in order to increase the usability and usefulness of emerging services in the ambient intelligent environment for all citizens, including citizens with activity limitations.

Outline of project workpackage on network-based services

Report with basic materials needed to support the meeting on network-based applications

Network-based Applications

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