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COST 219 publications and reports

During the course of the COST 219 Action several publications and reports were published. You can find links to these on the SNAPI website below:

Standardisation and Legislation with Regard to Ambient Intelligence and Accessibility - Erkki Kemppainen, Kjell Age Bringsrud, Jan Engelen, Chiara Giovannini, Tony Shipley & Hajime Yamada (2008)

Ambient Intelligence - Paving the way... - edited by Dr John Gill (2008)

Involving People With Disabilities in the Standardisation Process - Dr John Gill (2007)

Cost219ter WG3: Testing and Evaluation - Organisations and Methods - Anna-Liisa Salminen

Towards an Inclusive Future: Impact and Wider Potential of Information and Communication Technologies - edited by Patrick R. W. Roe (2006)

A Comparison Study between a Heuristic Evaluation Technique and End User Trial for Mobile Phone Accessibility - Edward Chandler, Elizabeth Dixon, Leonor Moniz Pereira and Cristina Espadinha (2006)

Short Term Scientific Mission to Sweden - Ilse Bierhoff

Making Life Easier: How new telecommunication services could benefit people with disabilities

EQUAL MEASURES: Closing the Accessibility Gap

Pay phones with immediate public access

Final Report 2001

Telecommunications: Access for All?

Draft proceedings of the conference in Leuven, Dec 3 - 4 2001

Bridging the Gap? - Access to telecommunications for all people

Bringing Universal Design to the ICT-market – What are the prerequisites?

Proceedings of the seminar in Stockholm, 19 June 2001

Telecommunications - Guidelines for Accessibility

Accessibility requirements for new telecommunication equipment (e.g. smart phone, palmtop, sub notebook, set top box)

Producing Web Pages that Everyone can Access

New Ways of Using Video Telephony

Pay Phones with Immediate Public Access - Design Guidelines

Text Telephony for Deaf, Hearing Impaired, Deaf-blind and Speech Impaired People


Universal Services Issues

Environmental Control and Field Bus Systems

Disaster or Opportunity? The Impact of Telecommunications Deregulation on People with Disabilities

Follow up to Oftel Consultative Document of December 1995

Opening up the Telecommunications Market


Universal Service

Telecommunications: The Missing Links for People with Disabilities

Hearing Aids and Telephones

Relay Services

Virtual Reality Technologies

Telecommunications for All

The Forgotten Millions: Access to Telecommunications for People with Disabilities

Videotelephony for Disabled and Elderly People
EUCO-TELE-219/CTD/94, ISBN 972-735-016-X Edicoes FMH, Lisboa, Grafica 2000, 1994

Survey of Text Telephones and Relay Services in Europe
EUR 14242 EN, CEC, Luxembourg 1992, ISBN 92-826-4395-6

Issues in Telecommunications for People with Disabilities

A Portable Text Telephone Program for a PC-Modem Configurations. The user interface menus for this portable text telephone are available in Norwegian, English, French, German, Swedish, Icelandic, Danish, Finnish Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, and Czech

A Text Telephone User Interface Specification (requirements), distributed as such and later published in report 13

Awareness of Alarm Signals, Collection of Information and Ideas within COST 219

Use of Telecommunications: The needs of People with Disabilities

Is Anyone Answering? A Review of Telephone Amplification for Hearing Impaired People

Teleservices for Handicapped People

Research for Handicapped People

Equipment for Handicapped People

Survey of Text Telephones and Relay Services in Europe

Teleinformatics and Disability
Proceedings of the First European Conference in Brussels, Nov 24 - 26 1987

Tactile Identifier